I CANNOT recommend this app enough for anyone who wants guidance as they are tracking calories/macros. Not only are all the aspects of the tracking part of the app better than the other apps on the market (MyFitnessPal I’m talking to you), this app includes recommendations for calories and macros (which adjust for you as you go) based on the latest science. Use code FRUMPYFIT to get an extended 14 day free trial!

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Struggling with your relationship with food or your body? I highly recommend BetterHelp, an affordable online therapy platform. Once you take the quiz about your needs you’ll be matched with a therapist who is the best fit for you. I used BetterHelp to get me through when my mental health was at its worst last year. Use the link below for 10% off your first month.

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Life Extension Labs

Worried that something is off about your health and that could be impacting your weight loss efforts? In this situation it’s best to “test not guess.” I recommend the Comprehensive Weight Loss Panel Blood Test. If you have a trusted health care provider you can go to it’s always a good option to go to them first, but I know so many of us don’t have that or don’t have insurance that covers blood work. This price is extremely good (based on my experience getting bloodwork for my own hormone issues over the last 10 years). Even if you've had no issues with weight loss but still feel like something is off, the Comprehensive Weight Loss Panel covers a lot and could potentially give you some insight.

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