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Urevo Under Desk Treadmill*

AMAZING option to stay active while working from home. This is the one I have, but go to my Amazon shop for 2 other under desk treadmills I recommend and accessories I bought to go with mine. You can also watch this YouTube video where I talk about it more.

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A budget friendly option to staying active at your standing desk or just to get some steps in indoors. I have this and it’s so easy to use, but still allows you to get your blood pumping. Check out more about it in this YouTube video.

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Under Desk Pedals*

I haven’t used this personally but have heard from others that products like this are a great option for discreet exercise while working. This one looked the best to me. Great for those that don’t have a standing desk or desk converter.

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Standing Desk Converter*

This product is great if you’re looking for a more affordable option than buying a standing desk or don’t want to have to replace your current desk.

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Uplift Standing Desk

This is the standing desk I have. It’s amazing quality, but rather pricey so I linked some more affordable options from Amazon in my Amazon shop.

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Amazon Basics Body Weight Scale*

This is the scale I have personally. Check out my Amazon Shop* for other favorites or this YouTube video for a more in-depth explanation about picking and using scales.

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Ozeri Digital Food Scales*

I’ve had this scale for YEARS and it’s still works like new. Comes in so many cute colors and so affordable. You can’t go wrong with this!

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