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This free trial of audible gives you 1 book credit for free so if you’re interested in any of these books you can probably get it for no cost! This is also a great option if you’re not the sit down and read type/prefer podcasts.

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Power of Habit*

This book is an all time favorite and teaches you so much about how powerful our habits are (both good and bad) and explains a lot about why we do the things we do. I had so many aha-moments while reading. Habits are a crucial part of achieving any long-term goal, including weight loss!

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Atomic Habits*

You literally cannot talk about habits without talking about this book. While Power of Habit really explains our behavior, Atomic Habits gives you super practical and useful tips on how to build tiny new habits that lead to huge results. It’s a must read.

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You Are a Bad Ass*

This was the first “personal development” type book I ever read, and it completely changed my life. It’s the reason I quit my old job to start FrumpyFit. I don’t agree with every single thing in the book, but it’s really great if you feel stuck and are looking for inspiration that you ARE capable of achieving all of the goals you want. I know this sounds dramatic, but I owe a lot of where my life is at now to this book.

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More Than a Body*

One of the most heartbreaking things I see in the weight loss space is women who lose weight expecting it to fix their body image issues or magically make them happy with their body and then it doesn’t… I come from the bodybuilding space and developed such a toxic relationship with my body that took years to undo. What’s the point of achieving your weight loss goals if you’re still unhappy? You must actively tackle any issues you have with your body image instead of leaving it up to the scale.

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Women's Guide to Hormonal Harmony*

This book is written by my all-time favorite Registered Dietitian - Lacey Dunn of @faithandfit. She was my bodybuilding coach for my second competition (the healthy one lol, not the toxic first competition) and I hired her recently to help me solve my health and hormonal issues. I trust her completely with my own health and she is such a wealth of knowledge. If you’re wanting to learn about your hormones as a woman this book is one of the best places you could.

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