I help women achieve MAXIMUM weight loss with MINIMAL sacrifice.

Hey there! I’m Layna, aka Frumpy Fit.


I’m an online fitness coach who teaches women how to cut through the fitness and dieting BS and get maximum results with minimal sacrifice.

How? I learned that it’s not about making fitness your lifestyle.

It’s about making fitness fit into your lifestyle.

But if you had talked to me 5 years ago… it would have been a totally different conversation.

I believed in restriction, and never missing a workout, and making fitness your LiFeStyLe… *cringe*

But Frumpy Fit says no thanks to restrictive dieting and slaving away at the gym 6 days per week and I think you should too.

Not only am I in the best shape of my life now that I’ve STOPPED thinking that way. I’m also the happiest and most confident I’ve ever been.

Now I teach my clients to get the same results.

No restrictive eating. No insane gym schedule. No bullsh*t.

Sound good?