Protein Stuffed French Toast

nutrition recipes Jan 03, 2019


French Toast Only: 40 protein / 36 carb / 9 fat

With toppings added: 41 protein / 44 carb / 12 fat




Optional Toppings:

  • 80g strawberries
  • 10g Full Fat Rediwhip

Step 1: Mix whole egg, egg whites, milk, cinnamon, vanilla extract, and stevia in a container large enough to lay bread flat. I used a square tupperware as my container.

Step 2: Slowly add 60-70% of your protein powder to the mixture, stirring as you add.

Step 3: Put first piece of bread in to soak. Flip and let other side soak.

Step 4: Turn stove on to medium-low heat and let your pan warm. Spray with cooking spray if needed. I cook one piece of toast at a time so a small pan will work fine.

Step 5: Add cream cheese to small bowl and soften in the microwave for 10 seconds (NO LONGER). Add pudding and remaining protein powder. Stir until smooth and fully mixed.

Step 6: Once the bread as soaked up as much of your egg wash as possible shake off excess and place in your warm pan. I add a couple spoon fulls of the egg wash on top of the bread once it’s in the pan (we don’t want any egg wash left over).

Step 7: Put 2nd piece of bread in remaining egg wash to soak. I spoon as much of it on top of the 2nd slice as possible. 99% of the egg wash should be soaked into the 2nd slice of bread before you put it in the pan.

Step 8: Flip 1st piece of toast over. I don’t time how long each side gets. If you flip too soon you can always flip it back and give it a bit longer. 

Step 9: Remove 1st piece of toast from the pan and add the next one. Pour any remaining egg wash (should be very little) onto bread to soak in as it cooks.

Step 10: Once your french toast has been cooked cut them in half and smear your filling in between the two halves of each piece. Add toppings and enjoy!

Flavor Combos:

The amount of combinations in this recipe are endless and I absolutely will be trying out different flavor combinations. There are so many different flavors of protein powder, pudding, and stevia. I’ve linked the stevia I used (the coconut one is my fave) and some of my favorite protein powders for baking/cooking. The Protein4Oats Maple Brown Sugar was the first protein powder I used for this recipe and it gives it a classic maple syrup taste. I would top that with sugar free syrup. I use the Quest Salted Caramel protein A TON for protein pancakes and will be trying it in the french toast soon (I ran out of it and had a sample of the PEScience cookies n’ cream). All are linked below!


Ways to change the macros for this recipe: 

Less carbs: Swap reg pudding for sugar free pudding or use a carb free topping like sugar free maple syrup or other Walden Farms dip.

Less fat: Omit the whole egg and use egg whites only. 

More protein: Omit the milk and whole egg and add 5 extra tbsp of egg whites. Use more protein powder in the recipe.